Pack them up, nice and clean, ship them out!

  • Designed to contain your stage as a “kit”.
  • Large durable swivel casters for easy rolling.
  • Built in features to make loading easy.
  • Flexible design, you can re-configure your carts.
  • Forkliftable.
  • Able to roll on truck ramps.
  • One person to push.
  • Outdoor show resistant.
  • Understage storage.
  • Baked on black finish.
  • Compact and attractive while stored
  • Years and years of proven tested durability

Smartstage experts will come to your site to oversee load in and assembly of your new system, and also train your in-house team to understand the flexibility of Smartstage, and the many combinations possible. We will stay on site until the last spot is polished. Our stages are so easy to install, we know you can do it, so we also provide phone and internet assistance as required.