Telescopic Seating or Retractable Seating (with optional variable rise).

Know as: Telescopic platforms, telescopic bleachers, and retraceable bench seat.

  • Maximize your floor space.
  • Multi-use floor space.
  • Multiple seat options from plastic to plush fabric or vinyl.
  • New seat models to match the entire venue.
  • Modular design, more features, more options.
  • Sleek modern design, rugged & durable – repositionable / movable.
  • Modernized color, finishes, and flooring options.
  • Stadiums and multi-functional rooms.
  • Showrooms, training rooms, or playgrounds.
  • Schools, gyms, lecture theaters.
  • Churches and places of worship.
  • Smartstage makes several set styles with hundreds of options in seat color, texture, and features. Varying seat widths are available and seating sections can be angled or rectangular.

Note: Due to the varying combinations available, please add to the quote with your comments or contact us directly to discuss your project.