• Smart 16″ box truss is configured to your imaginative stage and production designs. With all the sizes and types we make, just dream it, draw it, and build it.
  • 16 inch box truss is the perfect truss for touring, you get the most in strength with the least in size (less truck space).
  • Smartstage 16″ truss has been road tested under the demand of rock tours, and trade shows.
  • There are three really cool features of 16″ box truss;
    • Using link bars, you can join trusses at any angle from 7 to 90 degrees
    • You can join sections, 2, 3, 4, 5 or more sections with JUST the truss pins
    • 16″ box truss has no top or sides, usable in all positions, even vertical

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