Smartstage Truss Manufacturing Quality Control (also know as Lighting Truss, Light Truss, Aluminium Box Truss & Box Truss)

The overall scope of truss (lighting truss, light truss or box truss) test procedure is to ensure with 100% certainty all truss sections will perform under certified load conditions in service.

Procedure to be performed with a combined effort of three companies;

  • Smartstage alloy testing team
  • Smartstage manufacture team
  • Smartstage engineering team

1. The alloy is to be chemically analyzed by batch, for alloy and temper to ensure it conforms to 6061T6. Test reports for each test are to be documented and forwarded to Smartstage via SGS for audit. There are FOUR shapes with the current production run being manufactured at SGS, that means FOUR alloy tests and FOUR temper tests.

2. Weld penetration verification on the floor at SGS. SGS is to designate welding “Supervisor”, holding SCWI certification under the AWS designation. This is the most important point of quality assurance. SCWI will visually verify full penetration on weld by each welder. If this is done correctly, then all testing beyond this will pass.

Welders must be certified under the AWS designation for TIG welding, and pass the test of SGS for the quality of weld before welding truss. Certification documents must be available for the random request by Smartstage or designated authority.

A dye penetrant test will be a secondary verification to weld inspection, test one truss section of every 25. It is a very simple test.

A load test must be performed on every 25th truss. The load test is as earlier performed, see photo below. Truss bolted to beam with a SUSPENDED load of 423 lbs (193KG) for 5 minutes, gradually applied. This load will vary based on the length of truss being manufactured.

Destructive load test to be performed on one of every 100 trusses, same procedure with load of 850 lbs (400KG)

3. All load tests are to be verified by engineering firm independent of SGS. All data to be collected by them and forwarded to Smartstage.

  • Alloy test report (4)
  • Temper test report (4)
  • Verification of SCWI & welder certification
  • Dye penetrant test results
  • NDT results every 25th truss
  • DLT results every 100th truss

Weld operator that actually welds the end plate, must stamp a unique identifying mark on the INSIDE back of end plate, always in the same spot for audit purpose. The team is to record and track the identifying mark to the welding operator.

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