Smartstage FAQ
Frequently asked questions answered

Do we sell used or lightly damaged Seating products?2020-12-03T16:26:46-08:00

We do not.
There are however, several people out there, that do rip-outs, and sell them. We are not big advocates of used seating, as it was ripped out for a reason.
We also feel the cost of new is so close to used anyway, especially after all the repairs and re-install.
Re-install can also further decay the state of used seats.

Most common seating inquiry questions?2020-12-03T16:31:57-08:00

In order to help you best with your seating inquiry, please think about the following questions:

  1. Number of seats? or estimated number
  2. Type of use? example: outdoor events, stadium seating, auditorium seating or theaters
  3. Do you want fixed seats or loose/portable seating?
  4. Do you have a model seat in mind? check out some of our models
  5. Do you already have a basis of design you or you have seen something you like?
  6. Is there any ADA/Wheelchair requirements?
  7. What is the flooring material / substrate the seating would be attached too (typically for fixed seating)?
  8. What chair materials have you considered like wood vs metal, seat textures and colors?
  9. What accessories might you consider for your chair (if applicable) like Armrests, Tablets, Cup holders and Pouches?
  10. Do you require (if applicable): Aisle lighting, seat numbering and row end plaques?
  11. Do you required installation*? (as a manufacture we are happy to supply only if need be or provide you with a install price as well).
  12. Are you looking for a just a range for budgeting purposes? This helps with initial pricing as sometimes it is easier to give a range so you know costs and then the details can be worked out later. Please advise this in the beginning of your project!!

*Installation options do vary by country.

Do we sell used or lightly damaged Revolving platforms?2020-12-03T16:35:53-08:00

We always have something to help you with, buzz us, lets look!

How much weight can the revolving stage hold?2020-12-03T16:40:39-08:00

Like most stage products, our turntables are rated at code, 125 PSF, however, under our load testing, in actual fact, they far outperform code. It is a question of how you want to DISTRIBUTE your load, and is it a LIVE load.