Smartstage Concert Corral

The Smartstage Modular Concert Corral package sets up in minutes, and gives guests their own exclusive space to enjoy events. Modular blocks raise your audience, and offer a durable, foot stomping anti-slip platform, enclosed with rugged railing enclose panels, which can also offer sponsorship exposure



Designed with concert safety and attendee enjoyment in mind – The perfect solution to an undesirable set of circumstances

Our design fulfills our goal as a company – to create product that is ergonomic, value packed, yet simplistic. Allowing you flexibility to do more. Socially distanced layouts to minimize human contact. Beautiful appearance, offering a prestigious presence. Rugged and durable to handle the wild crowds we are sure you’ll attract – best of all, your Smartstage Modular Concert Corral system can be easily cleaned and packaged within minutes!

The Smartstage Concert Corral is constructed using durable PU plastic floor panels, steel tubing rail system, with weatherproof colored coating, and pocket sleeves for quick railing insertion. Sporting an interlocking construction system that makes installation a breeze! Each Concert Corral also comes as “kits” for quick packing, loading and setting – also allowing for all parts to be sanitized easily

“The Smartstage Concert Corral impressed me on multiple levels. Needless to say we are extremely excited for the launch of this product. We feel it’ll give the entertainment industry the push it needs to get back on its feet!”
Rosetta V, Words From Aztec Manager

“The Smartstage Concert Corral concept has impressed me on multiple levels! (Pun intended) I look forward to the release of this product!”

Miguel M, Las Vegas DJ