Guardrail 42″

Guard your talent, simple clips on fast!

Safety first at Smartstage, keeping performers and guests safe from edges, and providing firm, steady, ergonomically friendly rail systems. We build to code, and use materials that matter, feel good to the palm. Smartstage makes rail systems for stairs, walkways, ADA ramps, stages, loading platforms, drum risers, seating systems, bleachers, multi-level platforms, concert stages, mobile stages, camera towers, viewing platforms, chorus risers, and just about any application where people need to be safe. Our rail systems feature soft radius corners, with all the right curves, and tube spacing according to the ADA. Our specially engineered rail clamp system, ensuring a clean and tight connection to the surfaces and platforms, allowing lateral impact load forces with rock steady holding power. Our rail systems are black, however they can be made in custom sizes, heights, lengths, colors, and even with LED lights in them


What sizes and models do we make?

Part #Smartstage DeckWeightWidth (in)Thick (in)Height (in)
GR3-36Guardrail 3' at 36"3733241
GR4-36Guardrail 4' at 36"4639241
GR8-36Guardrail 8' at 36"8293241
GR3-42Guardrail 3' at 42"4133247
GR4-42Guardrail 4' at 42"5139247
GR8-42Guardrail 8' at 42"9193247

They all come with black baked finish, are lightweight with all the smart features. Fastfold frames are made for 3×8 decks and 4×8 decks. We will make any size frame as a custom.

What options can I get?

Smartstage makes three widths, 3’, 4’ and 8’ wide, and we also make two heights, 36” and 42”.

Smartstage guardrails can work as chair stops / kickrails too.

Technical Specifications

Stage guardrail sections must be formed from a 2” OD, minimum 16G wall, steel. Radius on out curves must not exceed 6”, and have a finished height of 36” from deck level. Guardrail section length must be such that sections leave a 4” gap between sections after installation, including corners of stage. Guardrail sections must have a sure-lock clamping device, which connects guardrail to platform in a manner, which prevent guardrail movement in any direction, and will resist outward impact resistance at the top portion of the guardrail.

Guardrail must contain internal network of tubing designed to prevent people or objects from slipping through. Guardrail section must be finished in a semi-gloss black baked on powder coat paint.

How It Works

Set your decks, stairs, GUARDRAIL, skirt, and you’re ready for a show.

To install a guardrail, simply lift from the shipping rack, set onto stage edge, hand tighten the two solid clamps, and done.